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Providing custom packaging solutions for those customers who only just want one piece. If you want more than one, that's not a problem  We can do more if your project requires it, all you need to do is just ask and we will deliver!

The Other Stuff We Do

Counterfeit Detection

We Understand that Counterfeit electronic components are a great threat to electronic many product mfg’s, and can have severe safety consequences to the consumer as well as big commercial costs to the mfg, when a counterfeit components detected in their product.


Electronic packaging can encompass a huge array of sizes, designs, styles and materials. Gaining access to the chip inside - a technique known as decapsulation - is necessary for many reasons including electrical testing, counterfeit prevention, bond wire pull testing and thermal microscopy for failure analysis or competitive analysis.

Curve Trace Analysis

Curve Tracing can be a widely accepted method for finding electrically damaged pins on IC chips. Primarily focusing on a range of solutions from opens and shorts testing on small devices all the way up to Powered curve trace and Latch Up testing on very complex multi power supply devices with thousands of pins.

X-Ray Inspection

X-ray inspection gives you the unique ability to “see” what is inside an electronic part  or hybrid component without damaging it. Seeing is Believing and and when you can do it without affecting the component why not?

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