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Removing the Lid from a Device/Package

The Die Level Services team uses a wet chemistry for precavitation the die and/or components are exposed (de-capped) to allow inspection.

Applications of decapsulation (decap) include preparation for latch-up failure testing, visual inspection of die, bond wire checks, sample re-work, component verification,  good versus bad check using various analytical tools (SEM, EDS, FIB-SEM, XPS).  More applications are available upon request.

Global uses of De-capsulation include quality control, problem solving, failure analysis, design debug, production control, materials development, and reverse engineering.

Strengths and Advantages of decapsulation:

Package Opening

We can provide Failure analysis assistance to trouble shooting your device by using our proprietary De- capsulation process to help with package failure analysis, counterfeit or just to access to the silicon die surface.  

“Using our Failure Analysis services can help you improve product quality and can apply to a variety of manufactured products, components and materials, including metals, plastics, electronics, and more”.


Cross-section preparation is a very powerful way of examining how a material, laminate or component is assembled, manufactured, for determining how different layers interact or in the hunt for the mechanisms causing a failure.


Counterfeit Prevention, Removing the Lid from a Device/Package