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“Die Level Services counterfeit detection service can save you time and money”


The use of counterfeit components is a growing problem in the electronics industry.  It’s no secret that the sale of and resulting use of counterfeit components is causing so much concern.  

Detection of these products is becoming more crucial for use avoidance and to identify trustworthy and reliable vendors and sources. Common industry methods for counterfeit component detection include, visual examination and electrical testing.

These methods are indeed important, however, they are alone not enough to thwart the problem. High Resolution X-Ray Inspection takes Counterfeit Component Detection to a higher level as it can reveal features otherwise inaccessible short of destructive analyses. We also will provide decapsulation verification and curve trace testing if we have an original to verify against.

100 % visual inspection can sometimes catch issues before you have to go farther.  The picture above represents a like component to the original but has been remarked over the original identification.  After further X-ray the part was verified to be counterfeit.

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X-Ray Inspection

Like the x-ray of a fractured bone, x-ray inspection of an electronic component allows for the simplest view into the internal structures. X-ray inspection is made even more effective when suspect components can be compared to a known authentic part.

Decapsulation involves the destruction of a sampling of parts. Decapsulation can be accomplished by mechanically or chemically removing the lid or top layers of the component body to    expose the  

Die and internal structures of the


Photo of a section of the reel, all components show identical part number, date code, and lot number.  One Part illustrates a much larger die.